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Here are just a few of the projects EDaS have developed during the last 20 years.  From solar powered blood 

storage units, to attachments for EOD robotics, if we don't have a solution already we'll make one.


For occasions when you really need to know what a box or bag may contain, SHIVA is a an instantaneous "unboxing solution" A water tamped explosive charge, shiva contains only

excepted quantities of oxidiser and metallic fuel, making transport a breeze

The DC2 Prosthetic Foot

The DC2 prosthetic foot is a low cost energy storage and return device, currently in manufacture in Sierra Leone West Africa

The "Grasper"

The "Grasper" is a patented aural grommet insertion tool, sold by Exmoor Plastics Ltd, and developed by EDaS

DGRT concept development.JPG
Dragon Runner Gas Trowel

Gas Trowel is an IED overburden removal technology, developed on behalf of DSTL, and able to be mounted to any robotic platform.

Video Laryngoscope

EDaS have designed a number of extremely low cost video laryngoscope systems, utilising most android smartphones, or tablet computers as the display

LAF Sil Hand.JPG
Silicone Cosmesis

EDaS have developed an ultra low cost technique for the production of hardwearing silicone prosthetic limb coverings.  This technology is available royalty free for integration into your low/middle income prosthetics provision service now.

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