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Cutting Edge Design Since 2000

Elegant Design and Solutions (EDaS) is a Design Consultancy based in East Sussex U.K. The Company was established by Ed Pennington-Ridge in 2004, although Ed has been involved in Humanitarian Mine Action since 1999.

In January 2000 - with funding from the Heather Mills Health Trust - Ed Pennington-Ridge arrived in Sierra Leone to visit with a group of Americans fitting a pre-fabricated prosthetic arm to victims of the atrocities of 1999 - where a rebel movement terrorised the population hacking off the arms and legs of the population.


The arm being fitted, called the socketless mounting platform, cost over $500 per unit - in a region where the average yearly income at the time was around $100.

Within a few weeks Ed had re-designed the arm so that it could be produced using locally available materials - bringing the cost per unit down to less than $20.00.

Since 2009, EDaS has carried out extensive work on behalf of Defense Science and Technology Laboratory on diverse projects ranging from removal of Improvised Explosive devices, to human blood storage far forward.  

EDaS specialises in innovative design solutions.  For EDaS, design is the expression of an intent.  We specialise in looking at a problem and finding a sustainable solution to that problem.


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